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High performance and durability for demanding tasks

When browsing tractors, pay attention to better efficiency and maintenance requirements. A tractor that is cost-effective to run and easy to maintain can save you time and money in the long run.

At KN Farm Equipment Pvt. Ltd., Our dedication to innovation drives us to craft smarter, more efficient solutions for modern agriculture. Today, KN Tractors proudly provides a comprehensive range of farm solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of farmers worldwide.

Embracing our ethos of redefining the tractor market, we continuously deliver groundbreaking advancements. Our latest endeavor focuses on ushering in a greener era while preserving the essence of nature.

Introducing our Electric Tractors, meticulously designed to facilitate sustainable farming practices with zero noise and emissions. Engineered for orchard and vineyard cultivation, these tractors boast a 13 HP BLDC motor, lithium-ion prismatic cell battery, and digital cluster for real-time vehicle health monitoring. Conveniently charged via common household electricity, coupled with minimal maintenance requirements, our Electric Tractors empower farmers economically while fostering sustainable ecosystems

Innovated in-house, our Electric Tractor concept promises to slash operating costs by over 50%, offering the ease of charging akin to a smartphone.


With successful deployments across Europe and America, our EV tractor range spearheads the transition towards sustainable farming practices.


As we embark on a transformative journey to develop cutting-edge products for global markets, KN Tractors remains committed to delivering quality offerings with competitive specifications to meet the evolving needs of discerning buyers.

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