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About Us

From humble beginnings to a sustainable revolution, KN Biosciences has blossomed into a beacon of hope for the future of agriculture.

KN Biosciences: Cultivating a Greener Future, Naturally

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  • Innovation : We will constantly work on developing new technologies, products, services, and management practices that will assist in our aim to make effective and eco-friendly products.

  • Customer service : To serve our customers in the best way possible is the primary objective of the organization. We believe in maintaining relationships with clients long after the initial sale.

  • Excellence : We strive to excel in all our endeavours.

  • Sustainability : This is reflected in the products we serve and is also followed in the organization to make decisions keeping in mind the long-term impact.

Mission and vision

Our R&D division is recognised by the Department of Science and Technology and has the much-respected DSIR designation. We employ biotechnology and plant-based technology to come up with products that can work as replacements for chemicals and are just as effective. The company collaborates with various government and private institutions to adopt new technologies.
Some of the breakthroughs achieved in our R&D lab are as follows:

Research and Development

  • Received funding from the Department of Biotechnology in September 2016 to develop the technology for producing Entomopathogenic Nemotodes (EPN) at a large scale. The technology for lab-scale production was bought from NBAIR.

  • The R&D department has come up with a treatment for textile effluent for the reduction of colour, odour, COD, and BOD with an 89.2% success rate.

  • Developed biological adjuvants to help increase the efficiency of pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides.

  • We have developed an innovative production methodology for erythritol from agricultural waste (as a step towards bio-conservation) using genetically engineered Candida magnolia.

  • Production of yeast single- protein (SCP) as a dietary supplement in aquaculture and poultry farms

  • Decomposing consortium production for detoxification of aqua and treatment of faecal matter in poultry

  • Developed the invitro technology for tissue culture of sugarcane plants, which is yet to be patented.

Our Achievements

Awards and recognition

  • Received the Guild of Women Achievers award on February 2, 2002.

  • Received the Bharata Ratna M. Visveswaraih award from the All India Manufacturers Organisation for the year 2004.

  • Received a national award for quality products from the Ministry of MSME for the year 2010.

  • Received the National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship from the Ministry of MSME for the year 2010.

Mrs. Sudha Reddy 

Managing Director

Mrs. Sudha Reddy has been a pioneer in sustainable agriculture in India since 1997, when she founded KN Biosciences as a tissue culture plant. She holds a master's degree in biochemistry from Hyderabad Central University and has a passion for improving the lives of farmers and the environment. Her tissue culture plants, especially banana plants, were very popular among the farmers in Zahirabad and other regions. Through her interactions with them, she understood the challenges they faced due to conventional agriculture practices and the need to enhance soil fertility. She then developed biofertilizers, notably one-tirchodermaviride, which revolutionized the agriculture sector and made KN Biosciences a leader in the field.

Mrs. Usha


With a gold medal in Life Sciences (Biochemistry) from the University of Hyderabad in 1991, Mrs. Usha has a distinguished academic background that paved the way for her successful career in biotechnology. She is currently the director of KN Biosciences, a leading company in the field of bioscience research and innovation. Mrs. Usha oversees the strategic direction and management of the company, as well as the development and implementation of various projects and initiatives. She has a wealth of experience and expertise in bioscience, and is passionate about advancing the scientific knowledge and applications of biotechnology for the benefit of society.

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