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Natural Fertilizers for Healthy Crop Growth

Nourishing Farms Around the World with Natural and Organic Solutions

Welcome to KN Biosciences:


"KN Biosciences offers a variety of organic solutions for soil and plant health. Our fertilizers, growth promoters, and probiotics are made from natural ingredients and tested for quality and safety. We help farmers and gardeners enhance soil fertility and boost crop production."

KN Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. is a leading producer of organic products for crops, soil, and water. Founded in 1997 by Mrs. Sudha Reddy, we started as a tissue culture unit and later expanded into biofertilizers, biopesticides, aqua probiotics, and more. We use natural and renewable resources to create innovative and effective solutions for our customers. We are dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection, and we have won several awards for our excellence and innovation.

Who we are?

Innovative Solutions for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Poultry and Veterinary 

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At KN Biosciences, we have a long-standing commitment to sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, poultry, and veterinary products.

Why choose us?

Expertise and experience in agriculture, aquaculture, and the animal health care sector.

Approximately 2.5 decades

Best quality products to the international market is only possible by maintaining high standards of production at all times.

Worldwide Presence

A world-class company with ISO 9001:2015, GMP, GLP and MSME Udayam certificates

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We have been using KN Biosciences’ probiotics for aquaculture for the last 4 months and have had excellent results. After using their products, the feed conversion ratio of my farm is around 1.5–1.6, which is above par. I feel that their products are both effective and competitively priced.

- Karun Raj (Aqua Farmer)

After using organic kits by KN Biosciences in my oil palm fields, within 20 days the growth of the tree accelerated and the size of the stem grew to 6 inches. After 6 months, I used the biokits again and achieved the same results. My yield is now 7 tonnes per acre, which is very unusual, and I give full credit to KN Biosciences’ products. The tree grew to 3 metres in height with 18 branches per tree. Our clients are also very happy with our products.

- Gopal Rao (Farmer)

I am using KN Biosciences products, especially the organic kit for ginger and N.P.K. liquid fertilizer for ginger and potatoes.

  1. These products are very efficient, and I got a yield of more than 30% in Kohir's red soils.

  2. The products Jeeva shakti is very good for mango and fruit crops and all crops.

- Qbal Mohiuddin Kaleem (Farmer)

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At KN Biosciences, we have a commitment to produce and promote products that will satisfy our clients’ needs and also ensure our environment is safe for future generations. Beginning with the food we eat, we intend to make sustainability a way of life.

Reap the Benefits of KN Bioscience's Organic Fertilizers, Growth Promoters, and Probiotics

Welcome to KN Biosciences

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Innovative Solutions for Healthy Crops and Livestock

We are expert in

Innovative Solutions for Healthy Crops and Livestock

We are expert in

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