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Mycorrhizal: Elevate Your Plant's Potential

Unveil the secret to flourishing, robust plants with VAM Power, the innovative biofertilizer from KN Biosciences. VAM Power is meticulously crafted to supercharge your plant's growth and overall well-being. By enhancing nutrient absorption and nurturing root development, this exceptional biofertilizer empowers your plants, ensuring they stand tall and resilient. Made from premium ingredients, VAM Power is not only effective but also environmentally friendly, aligning with your commitment to a sustainable future.

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Mycorrhizal: Elevate Your Plant's Potential


Fungal hyphae are found inside the tissues of the roots of vascular plants.


A mantle of mats is formed outside the roots of vascular plants. Ectomycorrhiza are formed in roots of shrubs and trees in temperate regions.

How to Apply VAM Power:

For every square meter of bed, 1 kg of VAM Power is sufficient.

In polythene bag nurseries, blend 10 kg of VAM Power with 1000 kg of potting mixture.

Nursery Application:

For general applications, mix 5 kg of VAM Power with vermicompost (500 kg) or any organic manure, and uniformly apply it to the base of all your plants. Ensure proper irrigation to maintain the ideal moisture level for mycorrhizal spore germination.

Inoculating Existing Trees:

Apply 50gm of VAM Power near the root surface to harness its benefits.


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